Friday, October 26, 2012

An Introduction

Hello! Some of you may know me already as Jamie from Geeky Goth Girl; to you, I say hello again, old friends. And to those of you who don't, I say hello to hopeful new friends. This blog will be a space for a lot of things, all of them hopefully interesting! A brief bio, for those who don't know me:
I'm Jamie. I'm a 20-year-old (soon to be 21!) student studying Film and Video Production at the University of Colorado Denver. I'm many things: a Goth, a seamstress, a feminist, a writer, and a sci-fi/fantasy geek. I'm hoping to incorporate all of those things into my blogging here. How? Well...

*I'm a moderately accomplished seamstress, but I am just starting as a corset-maker, and I would love to share all the myriad frustrations and heavenly rewards (er...I hope; have yet to finish a corset to reap said rewards!) of that fascinating task with the world.

*I'm a wannabe writer about to embark on my first NaNoWriMo, and I'm hoping that by sharing that with the world I will actually have to finish for fear of embarrassing myself otherwise. Being a writer (actually, rather like being a corset-maker) is a process fraught with swearing, hair-pulling, and immense frustration...but I firmly believe that if, at the end, you've produced a beautiful product, then it will all be worth it. I love reading about writing, and I'm hoping to hone my own skills by writing about the writing process and my experiences with it.

*I love, love, LOVE clothing and style and styling, and will be doing regular clothing/style posts of all sorts. At my old blog, I primarily worked in an "outfit of the day" format, but I felt that that had become stale and it wasn't really giving me a chance to either write creatively about clothing or explore options beyond my own wardrobe. Here, I want to blog all kinds of things about darkly elegant fashion and style: how to incorporate pieces that are more unusual into your everyday look, making different looks with the same basic piece, runway pieces and inspirational/aspirational styles...and the occasional outfit of the day, because they are fun. :)

*I'm a fiercely progressive feminist. This means I stand (and fight) for gay rights, women's equality, the fair treatment of all people regardless of race, gender, sexuality, or creed, etc. I am unapologetic about this, but considering many of my FB posts on these topics have started to veer into the 200-300 word category, and sometimes beyond, I thought it would be more appropriate (and kinder to my Facebook friends!) to explore these notions in depth here.

*I'm also, as mentioned, a hardcore geek. Comic books, sci-fi and fantasy, horror, television, movies, books-if it has aliens, robots, wizards, or vampires in it, I've probably read it or watched it. I also love many classic novels, and (as may be expected of a film student) I'm a hardcore film buff. I love reviewing and analyzing good works in exhaustive detail-or really, roundly tearing bad works a new one. Expect film, comic, and book reviews with a heavily feminist spin, with lavish praise for the good ones and a healthy dose of snark for the bad.

So there you have it. This blog will stand at the intersection of feminism, fantasy, fashion, and fangirlism-just as I myself do. I hope that you will come along with me as I explore, rant, review, re-style, and write about the world around me. It's gonna be one hell of a ride. 


  1. Being a feminist myself, I can't not follow a feminist blog ;)
    I hear you when you say your posts on the topic are getting too long for facebook :D but it's not a bad thing to make people conscious of these issues :)

  2. Hey Jamie!
    I'm from the group Ladies in Black from FB.
    You said to let you know if we didn't see our blog on the sidebad, so I figured I'd leave a shout out. ;D

  3. Looking forward to reading your posts :)